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SBQ slimlight (slimming pills)
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EFFECTS (based from own experience..^_^):

*lost 4kilos in less than 2weeks.

*dry mouth ( should always drink water which will also help u lose weight faster )
*suppresses appetite ( you will not feel hungry for hours after taking it but it is still best to eat something. )
*if you usually eat one rice per meal, after taking this, you will feel full once u consume even half of rice.
*you will perspire MOST of the time even if you are in an airconditioned room.

*you can still sleep.

*no palpitations 

Shoubiqing is made of super concentrated biological active fat removing factor from natural plants by applying world advanced biotechnologies as one of the most popular weight loss products around the world. The product can quickly accelerate fat metabolism, consume heat prevent intestine to absorb fat in the foods, activate ATP, decompose glucide and inhibit glucide to transfer fat, prevent the accumulation of fat from the root. It is the most recommended product for removing fat from belly and is applicable for both men and women. It is shown from 2400 clinical users in USA it takes weight losing effect within 1 hour after orally taking SBQ. Use it 2 pills a day, 87.5% users may lose over 3kg within 15 days, and 96.8% users can lose over 5.5kg within 30 days.

One procedure composes of two boxes, it is suggested to have one more box after losing weight.

Green Tea , Lotus Leaves, Tuckahoe, Cassia Seed, Konjak, Spiral Algae, Levorotatory Carnitine, Raphani semen etc.

Effective Ingredients and Content:
Ever 100g of the product contains total flavone 300mg, ginseng saponins 200mg

Lose Weight
Keep Fit
Eliminate Toxin
Beautify Skin

For Users who suffer from single adiposity, stubborn adiposity, fat belly and users who are not satisfied after repeated weight loss.

Not advisable:

-For pregnant and breastfeeding women.

-People with cardiovascular diseases

-People with serious illness


2x a day with warm water and porridge in the morning

100% guaranteed authentic.

for wholesale:

buy 5 boxes -- ( 260php/box)

buy 10 boxes -- (240php/box)

buy 15 boxes -- (220php/box)

payment options:

bpi/gcash/lbc/western union

REMINDER: prices are exclusive of shipping. shipping fees should be shouldered by the buyer..

SF rates depending on the volume

Metro Manila

-.5kilo: 50php
-1kilo: 65php
-1.5kilo: 85php


-1kilo: 85php
-2kilos: 170php


-1kilo: 100php
-2kilos: 200php


-1 Kilo: 100php
-2 Kilos: 200php

Please contact the the courier for the status of your packages.
The seller is no longer responsible for the items once the item(s) is shipped.


u can reach me at 09183558837/09224541800/09172483434


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SBQ slimlight (slimming/diet pills)
EFFECTS (based from own experience..^_^): *lost 4kilos in less than 2weeks. *dry mouth ( should alwa ...
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